welcomeThis database is an attempt to provide a resource which will facilitate networking and co-operation between OH&S practitioners and institutions in the Gulf Region.  Listing on the Website is voluntary and no organization or individual will be included unless they have made a written request or provided written consent.

Register for List of ProfessionalsShould you be  interested in a listing could you please complete the enclosed Word document (click on Word logo) as an attachment to the Institute of Public Health:

1.   Name of Institution/Individual
2.   Name of Practice/Employer
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4.   Phone
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Vacancy Clipboard
Attach VClipShould you or your organization be seeking an occupational health professional, or should you be seeking employment in that field, please provide us with details in the enclosed form (link to the right), and we will publish this on the Vacancy Clipboard web page.  This information will be cleared every month unless we are advised earlier that the vacancy has been filled or employment is no longer required or you notify us that you wish the listing to be extended for a further month.

Apply to list an eventShould you wish to advertise any occupational health related conference, seminar or meeting, or proceedings of the latter please advise us so we can add this to the web site’s Announcements page.

Any suggestions or information to assist with the development of the Website (particularly with regard to contact details of other individuals/institutions you may think should be included) will be much appreciated.